Has any plant ever had quite the reputation glow-up that cannabis has experienced over the last decade? Once relegated to crumpled plastic baggies and shoeboxes, marijuana is now the center of a multi-billion-dollar industry, displayed on beautifully lit shelves within dispensaries resembling luxury boutiques. Now, a company called Forti Goods wants to make over the way cannabis is used and stored at home.

“The days of the bleary-eyed slacker stoner are behind us,” the brand declares, “and we’re proud to be part of this shift towards a place of normalization and appreciation of this enigmatic plant and its many healing properties.”

Offering a line of modern furniture with built-in lockable storage developed specifically with marijuana in mind, Forti Goods aims to bring cannabis out of the shadows and into the living room. Each piece is discreet and quietly elegant, from small blue-black herb storage jars to stately credenzas with translucent glass doors. The idea is to give cannabis the same consideration you might give to other legal substances in your home, like alcoholic beverages, but with a little extra security.

The furniture includes coffee tables, nightstands, buffet tables, and cabinets, all featuring app-controlled locks that “keep curious hands out” while making it easy to access your stash. Charged via USB, the electronic locks were chosen because the company considers them more secure than standard locks and keys. The drawers also have replaceable carbon filters to reduce the tell-tale scent and preserve the potency of the product. Each piece is made from FSC-certified veneered plywood and solid wood, featuring water-based stains and paints in a range of colors.

Fitting seamlessly within the drawers of each piece are a selection of storage accessories that keep everything organized and aesthetically pleasing. The glass jars fit neatly within “flower blocks.” Wooden pre-roll blocks lovingly cradle your joints. Cartridges and vape components slot into the holes in the cartridge blocks, and other wooden boxes hold all the other tools and add-ons you use.

For people who may have partaken before it was legalized, this high-end (pun fully intended) bourgeois take on cannabis can feel a little surreal, or at least eye-roll-inducing, especially considering the price. The tiny storage components start around $45 each, the small side tables start at $2,150, and the “Geraldine” cabinet will set you back a whopping $4,050. But the items are well-made, and if you’re a cannabis user who’s buying expensive modern furniture for your home anyway, you can probably see the appeal — especially if you have kids.

Forti Goods founder and CEO Sharon Kevil is a self-taught furniture designer committed to sustainable sourcing. In an interview with Furniture Today, she says the brand’s biggest hurdle is the fact that it’s still hard to advertise cannabis-related items. The company’s launch was delayed when its website was categorized as “drug paraphernalia” and shut down, and cannabis still isn’t legal in the company’s home state of Wisconsin.

Cannabis is, however, currently legal for medical use in 22 states, and legal for both medical and recreational use in 14 states, with many more likely to follow in the near future. In the meantime, Forti Goods will continue plans to market its products nationwide, including in-person events once the risk of COVID fades in the U.S.