Formwork Modern Desk Accessories 1

All of the objects necessary to modern office life, both digital and analogue, are neatly organized in a set of simple stacked containers by Herman Miller. Designed by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin of Industrial Facility, the ‘Formwork’ series is a modular system of cups, trays and boxes that can accommodate the wide range of items people typically keep handy at their desks.

Formwork Modern Desk Accessories 2

The designers found that these objects aren’t limited to the expected paper clips, staplers, pens and sheafs of paper. Fruit, coffee mugs and toiletries mingle with iPods, tissue boxes and the cables of various electronics. That requires organizers that can be assembled in custom configurations, and can fit all sorts of shapes.

Formwork Modern Desk Accessories 3

The Formwork series includes such clever details as a cup holder that a roll of masking tape can fit around, and containers with cantilevered trays that keep your most-used items close at hand. Some items can be kept within view, with others out of sight.

Formwork Modern Desk Accessories 4

Simple forms and a muted color palette in ABS plastic with non-slip silicone bases unify the set, which can be arranged side-by-side horizontally or stacked vertically.