A former industrial building in Greece has been transformed into a modern apartment complex catering mostly to young adults. The apartments have been designed by IF_Untitled Architecture with a modern aesthetic that hearkens back to the area’s industrial roots.

The focal point of the apartment is a wall-to-wall shelving unit that accommodates books, household objects, and even humans. People-sized cutouts in the shelving unit create unobtrusive furniture that saves space while providing a unique and eye-catching resting area.

The public areas of the home are composed mainly of concrete, stainless steel, light wood and muted colors. The open floor plan is a reference to the building’s history as a factory, maintaining the high ceilings and exposed ductwork.

The small galley-style kitchen is bordered on one side by a counter bar. A separate dining area occupies the floor space beyond the counter; transparent chairs are balanced by a heavy-looking wooden table.

In keeping with the starkly industrial feel of the apartment, the bedroom is entirely white. Bright white storage units line one side of the room. A small white vanity table is topped with a huge square mirror that reflects the white walls and bright lights of the room.

The main bathroom and guest bathroom are, by contrast, slightly warmer in their appearance. Softer lighting and tiny hints of neutral colors make the rooms feel inviting without detracting from the overall industrial appeal of the home.