crafted dining furniture set

This curious furniture collection is more than just a formal aesthetic exercise – chairs and tables become the creative foil for exploring natural processes over time, at least in an abstract way, such as formation and erosion.

crafted wood furniture set

These ‘Formations’ by Joseph Walsh are intentionally framed in black and taken out of context, an attempt (perhaps) to make them seem more like timeless?works of natural art than everyday pieces of dining room furniture.

crafted furniture

The dining table twists, turns and unravels under the influence of invisible forces, like wind or a winding river. The chairs are symmetrical but still convey the sense of being worn smooth over time like sun-bleached animal bones.

crafted wood furniture sculpture

Set apart and framed in white, almost as a secondary project of afterthought, the low side table is perhaps the most engaging piece of them all – it shows the impact of (conceptual) erosion, an effect enhanced by the curving grain of the wood used it its construction.