A place for everything and everything in its place. This unique hotel room has a niche for every object you could possibly want in your hotel room – and then some – including a fold-out desk, a dog house and spaces custom-sized to fit your jacket, suitcase and other travel essentials.
In some instances the design is purely functional – if excessively so – while in other cases (such as the hair dryer exhaust etched into the wood shown above) effect trumps necessity.
Perhaps the most impressive part of the design is how much work it takes to accomplish such highly-specified three dimensionality in constructing an interior wall space custom fit to all of these particular needs and fitted with the necessary plug-ins and power sources.
As an interior design, one of the most intriguing parts of this space is that the wall itself becomes the object of aesthetic interest in the room – the token piece of artwork hung on it and lit from behind fades somewhat into the background within the mess of other design moves.

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At once modern in its simplicity and postmodern in its execution, this may or may not be destined to take over as a common interior design strategy but would certainly make for a more interesting stay than one is accustomed to at a typical hotel.