Sometimes innovation hits a point and then stops for no obvious reason. Sure, reading lamps and little fans are more obvious choices for clipping on the side of a work surface, but some extra space for decor and ways to organize your cords couldn’t hurt either.

Blending elemental elegance with industrial functionality, this smooth white vase titled Borderline is attached to the side of tables via what looks a good deal like a refined and polished version of a classic metal C-clamp attachment (something you normally expect to see in a workshop, not attached to your minimalist table).

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The screw system lets you spin the clamp shut around surfaces that can vary in thickness, while the multi-piece assembly suggests great do-it-yourself options if you can find a clamp at the hardware store that suits your style. And why stop with a vase? There are a good many things you want to have handy but do not want to make space for on your desk – lights, fans, cords and vases are only a few project possibilities. At the very least, the same company could create modular attachments – variable top functions all able to be slotted onto the same base clamp.