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Whether you want the world’s most comfortable seat, a conversation piece, all (or none) of the above, this is the ultimate semi-do-it-yourself chair – the frame is fixed, but the cushions can be anything you can imagine.

Suede, leather, velvet and vinyl are so last century.?Bibliophiles may find themselves wanting to fill the racks with tattered volumes (perhaps paperbacks, since hardcovers could be somewhat less comfortable) while plant fanatics can upholster their seats with small forests inside a metal furniture framework.

Like a three-dimensional trellis combined with a minimalist bookcase, this design idea by Stephan Schultz leaves plenty of room for growth and change over time … a plush stuffed-animal theme can evolve over time, if you can bring yourself to give up the cozy embrace of a hundred teddy bears that is.

Of course, some of this configurations are more fashion statements than real furniture – and none, save for the soft toy option, are likely to be as comfortable as a chair complete with padding, springs, webbing and covers. Other flexible-focused works by this designer include a foam chair (that deceptively resembles concrete or marble, enhancing the effect when sat in) and fold-out desk that opens up additional drawer storage and working space.