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Paying tribute to the mythologies and fairy houses of the woods with its dark timber facade and slightly flaring roof, Forest House is a small, private cabin tucked within the pines of Brandenburg, Germany. From the back or side, the structure seems deceptively unremarkable, but a glazed wall on the back side opens it up to the landscape, giving it a dollhouse-like feel.

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Atelier ST architects designed the cabin as a weekend getaway in a natural setting that feels remote, yet is still located within the southern area of the city of Berlin. The property originally served as the setting for a summer house from 1926, which was too damaged and decayed to renovate.

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The architects wanted to preserve the timeless fairytale cottage feel with a new design. Placed on the original building site, Forest House is entirely made of wood, with a bright white interior that contrasts with its Black Forest-inspired exterior.

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The large windows on the back side open onto a small protected alcove that offers a space to sit outdoors, even in inclement weather. Inside, lots of white-painted wood makes the small space feel larger and more open than it really is.