Regardless of how old you get or how much the stresses of everyday life get to you, there are very few ills that can not be fixed by spending some time in your own personal, private, cherished sanctuary.

We are not all lucky enough to have a getaway as spectacular as this one, but the owner of this treehouse treats it exactly as it should be treated: as a refuge from the rest of the world.

Surrounded by forest, the truly beautiful treehouse looks even nicer than many regular full-time homes. It uses many recycled materials and exists in harmony with its natural setting.

The sweet retreat is the treehouse of lucky designer Lynne Knowlton, who affectionately refers to it as her Tree Mansion. She believes (and we agree) that everyone should have a tree house.

With a second story, porch, pot-bellied stove and many of the comforts of a traditional home, this tree fort is indeed a mansion high above the forest floor.

But the feature that takes this incredible home-away-from-home into the realm of near-perfection is the huge slide. Family members can zip down from the tree fort in no time, bringing back that breathless joy of childhood.