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Suddenly minimalist and modern residential styles are no longer the exclusive domain of human domiciles. Ranging from cute and crafty to refined and elegant, here are a few recent ventures into the realm of high-end bird dwellings, feeders and baths.

Some are inspired by specific architects or architecture in general – after all, the historic masters of spatial design may have something to teach us about how to make plans and build things even at smaller scales.

Others take a new twist on old forms – who is watching who through the CCTV (pictured at the top) camera-shaped curiosity? The Airstream Trailer is an icon of mobile living, made minute but still highly detailed by Chrome Dome Studio and for sale on Etsy.

Even more toward kitsch (or maybe: pop vintage modernism), this Splish Splash birdhouse comes complete with a miniature version of a classic curved backyard pool for your feathered friends to take a dip in … surrounded by faux concrete set atop the wood-sided home component.

A bit too over-the-top or literal for your tastes? From the MOMA comes a refreshingly minimal variant – the Folding bird feeder made from a simple sheet of bent metal with punched-hole window openings.