nap-ready chair and footstool

In our eyes, any furniture that can combine two objects to make a graceful, space-saving piece of furniture is a winner. The Collerette from design studio Les M gets extra points for looking so deliciously comfortable that we want to curl up on it immediately.

collerette footstool and chair

The three-legged Collerette comes in two sizes: chair and footstool. Its rolled-up “collar” is actually an attached, curled-up blanket. Sit on a chair with your feet propped on the Collerette, pull the plush blanket up over you, and settle in for a cozy nap.

chair footrest attached blanket

When you aren’t using the blanket, its rolled-up position adds a curious bit of whimsy to the design. Since it isn’t immediately recognizable as a blanket, this rolled-up section appears to be a fun rolled edge around the Collerette.

footrest with built-in blanket

The rolled-up blanket provides a nice soft back- and arm-rest as well, making the piece useful (not to mention lovely) even when it doesn’t happen to be nap time.