logerot flip table chair

Flipping down the wooden backrest converts this modest modern aluminum-framed chair into a similarly simple coffee or side table – the perfect compact size for a small living space. Reverse the process and you have a useful chair to for flopping down in.

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logerot flip table chair transforming

The design involves a bare minimal number of moving parts, joints and other points at which a more complex piece of transforming furniture typically breaks down. Designer Aissa Logerot is as interested in making her creation durable and well-constructed in addition to being quite cool and stylish.

logerot flip table chair minimal

In an elegant nod to both functional simplicity and structural continuity, the right-angled intersection at the front of the wood seat balances against the footrest part of the metal frame when the piece if flipped into the table position.

From designer Aissa Logerot’s profile at Archiproducts:

“Aïssa Logerot is a French designer born in 1981. He graduated in industrial design master at Ensci les ateliers in Paris and in Ensaama Olivier de Serres. Before studying industrial design, he learned traditional crafts of wood and specially the manufacturing of furniture at Ecole Boulle.. Inspired of the everyday life, he creates objects that are both practical, discreet and off-beat.”

Logerot is now one half of the designer duo AC/AL Studio.

“Both graduates from ENSCI – Les Ateliers, Amandine Chhor and Aissa Logerot founded the studio AC/AL in 2013, after having worked for several years in design agencies and international companies.”

“Passionate for materials, crafts and industrial manufacturing processes, we design long-lasting products that valorize usefulness and the rigor of simplicity. Taking into account the constraints and possibilities of the various contexts we work in, we manage projects from small product to architecture. Mixing various collaborations and travel experiences, we like new challenges and to work on different typologies and scales of project.”

“In 2009, we also founded i.d.o, a non-profit association and collaborative interdisciplinary platform, dedicated to offering design and architecture skills to develop and accompany solidarity projects in countries under development.”