kitchen cabinet

Solving two classic kitchen storage issues in a single design, this minimal wood box unfolds to reveal all the dishware, kitchenware, spices and accessories you need to access while cooking.

kitchen storage solution

When closed, it takes up a minimum of space thanks in part to the layered approach to the door. This extra layer is also the key to keeping things handy – accessible from both sides, while also leaving space to reach into the main volume or pull something from the inside of the door when the object is opened.

kitchen additional storage

The cabinet portion is part of a larger strategy described by Bulthaup: “The workbench is for the fire and water point; the kitchen tool cabinet for crockery, cooking utensils, as well as spices and food; and the appliance housing cabinet for the oven, dishwasher and refrigerator. bulthaup b2 follows the principle of “clearing away anything superfluous.” All that remains is value – the best materials, the best tools, the best raw ingredients and the best crockery.”