Conforming to the curves of the human body, the 1001 chair, stool and bed combo has a geometric surface supported by dozens of flexible rods. Each triangle-shaped component of the seating surface bends to accommodate the user’s desired position to make the chair as comfortable as possible, whether sitting or lying down.

The 1001 was created by the ID5 Interactive Systems faculty and students at uDk Berlin, using the latest CAD technology. The team wanted to achieve both form and function with a modern, cutting-edge piece of furniture that’s as tempting as an old, worn armchair.

More than 30 clusters of elastic rods are mounted onto the rounded base in groups of three to support the reclining surface as gently as possible.

The result looks a bit like a flying carpet, with the top swaying and tilting in response to the sitter’s movements while the base remains immobile.