Aircruise flying ship

Mobile living is no longer just for land lovers, and floating mini-cities are no longer just a vision for the open oceans or high seas – why not blend the best aspects of portable homes, cruise ships and air trips into a single stylish and sustainable flying ship designed to float, drift or drive anywhere the wind blows?

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Aircruise flying ship at night

Yes, airships are back in style – but why? Perhaps we have finally come back around to the idea that flying could once again be a sustainable way to travel as new alternative fuels and off-the-grid energy technologies begin to take over from classic CO2-producing combustible alternatives. Seymourpowell presents an option that looks far-fetched but is remarkably plausible – at least insofar as they have done a great deal of research into potential materials, construction techniques and technologies.

Moreover, there is continued material research into structural systems that have the ideal blend of flexibility and stability – perfect for the dual needs of large flying machines. Hydrogen gas keeps the entire thousand-foot-tall structure aloft while hydrogen fuel cells provide power for other uses and sufficient water is stored for short trips through the air. Who knows – it may start with hotel rooms and apartment rentals but could end with full-blown flying condos for sale.

Aircruise flying ship on the water
Aircruise flying ship silhouette

Private duplex living, dining and sleeping spaces in individual apartments are complemented in this concept by bar, lounge and other community spaces. And how long would it take to travel? Cruising speeds are estimated at being around the same as those of sea-faring ships, meaning you could make it halfway around the world in a few days depending upon the weather – and which places your airship plans to stop along the way. Of course, you have to dock sometimes – or maybe that is just a yet-unsolved design problem for those who wish to remain permanently aloft!