Join the fold! “Rigid furniture is for rigid minds” say Dutch designers Douwe Jacobs and Tom Schouten. Their Flux Furniture is the nec plus ultra in functional, foldable furniture from Amsterdam.
We first fell in love with their classic chair, but since discovered their whole range – from home bars to sculptural tablet towers to stools, coffee tables and lamps. The chair remains a clear favorite, especially in vivid orange and bright red. It looks elegant yet whimsical in the dining room, but you can also take the chairs camping, to the beach, a pool party or poetry reading. To make it more comfy, you can purchase a little water-repellent polyester pad.

Made from lightweight, waterproof and durable polypropylene (a thermoplastic polymer), the cleverly designed objects were inspired by the art of origami. They fold and unfold within seconds. Intended for both inside and outside, they can be quickly and easily stowed away when not in use.

The light, origami-like furniture adds a unique touch to private homes, but it can also be screen-printed with company logos and text. Picture your brand identity on a row of stylish Flux chairs at a conference! Or use the “bar that links and shrinks” at your next pop up restaurant, gallery opening, or hipster wedding reception.

The ARC foldable bar is up in two minutes and ultra strong. It can be customized with your company banner. Folded flat, it fits into a car. It’s a dream for event planners. Folded Flux chairs can be stacked 21 high while taking up just one foot of space.

Flux was launched in 2009 by Jabobs and Schouten. Graduates of the Technical University of Delft, Netherlands, with Masters degrees in Industrial Design Engineering, they named their company Flux to connote flow and transformation. Their very fist Flux chair was born thanks to a start-up loan from the university. These days, they have awards galore under their belts, including the Philips Innovation Award.