Evfyra Table by Nuvist yellow

Depending on your vantage point, this slick curvilinear desk looks like a lightweight wave or a solid, immovable volume, rising and curving in a motion inspired by the movement of water. Bright, bold and highly reflective, the Evfyra Table by Nuvist is both minimalist in form and a bold focal point in the space.

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Evfyra Table by Nuvist

Architectural and design firm Nuvist notes that when it comes to designing tables, most of the time, it’s best not to reinvent the wheel. But fairly enough, they wanted to add a bit of vitality and dynamic motion to what’s generally a fairly unremarkable piece of furniture. After all, why does a table have to be little more than a flat rectangular or circular plane on legs?

Evfyra Table by Nuvist modern organic

“All factors of usage and functionality to create a table are standard. But we wanted to a dd some dynamic and feeling of life on the creation of the Evfyra table. Two legs connect each other with fluid wavy form and represents the movement and dynamism of wave motion. Every angle which you look that you will see different lines and feelings for every time. All kinds of places modern or classical will be eye-catching with continuous fluid form of Evfyra table.”

Evfyra Table by Nuvist sleek surface

Many of Nuvist’s designs are architectural in nature, made from one continuous piece that curves and arches to create a piece with a certain function – for instance, a semi-enclosed home bar, a graceful basin or an elegant bench.

Evfyra Table by Nuvist other colors

“We believe that there is no specific rule to create or design something. Our approach and ambition is exchanging of ideas between the fields of architecture, art and the design, then integrating them in unique perspectives. Multi directional approach enables us to transform our vision of design among the traditional and the modernist with the cutting edge technologies in digital and physical world.”