“Pack out what you pack in” is a common motto for campers, but what does it look like when applied to a whole prefab wooden home? This residence may look massive, but it is built with a kit-of-parts approach that makes it possible to take it apart and move it in the future as needed.

KieranTimberlake started with a creative concept and carried it through to the finish – the finished product is arguably even more uniquely detailed than the original, and nothing about its complex execution suggests that mass-production and local materials drove the design.

The plan is open on each floor, and oriented toward the bay beyond – raising it up on stilts both protects it from the potential of rising water while lofting it to take maximum advantage of the views.

Huge fold-up surfaces allow for direct connections to the outdoors from virtually all levels of the house, and its elevation off the ground likewise opens up sheltered-but-exterior space below the main structure.?By layering different types of detail and scale, offsetting the wood siding slats, and and introducing a critical asymmetry in the plan, a custom-looking creation emerges … despite rigorous underlying geometry and the repetitive use of same-sized materials throughout.