Fishbone Pet House 1

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The skeleton of a fish spotted at a market inspired the form of ‘Fishbone House,’ a minimalist, breathable dwelling for pets. Created by Korean design house Pote, the covered pet bed comes in a flat pack and assembles easily and durably using lap joints and woodworking bond, eliminating the need for metal connectors.

Fishbone Pet House 2

Fishbone Pet House 3

Made of birch timber, Fishbone House is lightweight and easy to move. The structure assembles along the ‘spine,’ and features four little legs holding it up off the ground. The slats let in daylight and air.

Fishbone Pet House 4

The house is just large enough for cats and small dogs, and certainly more stylish than anything you’d find at the local pet store. Check out entire homes that are designed around the needs of our animal companions, complete with elevated walkways for cats and peekaboo windows built into backyard fences for dogs.