Floating Writer Studio 1

A sort of futuristic floating treehouse hangs among artificial steel trees in a striking sculptural canopy at the Maison de l’Ecriture in Switzerland. Phoenix-based architecture firm Blank Studio envisions the ‘House of Writing,’ a small residence promoting and encouraging literary creativity. The dramatic structure looks out over the Alps, a lake and the surrounding countryside.

Floating Writer Studio 2

Floating Writer Studio 3

Designed in response to a competition sponsored by the Jan Michalski Foundation, a Swiss prize for literature, the writer’s studio nestles within an existing complex of steel pilots under an organically patterned canopy.

Floating Writer Studio 4 Floating Writer Studio 5

Within this canopy are scattered cabins which “‘left up their feet so as not to trample upon the garden,'” explains the architect of the Maison, Vincent Mangeat. “Writers who love solitude will find spaces for life and work. In all sorts of other places, they will find spaces for exchanges and for sharing lifeā€¦ with this, we believe that we have created a space that offers the ideal ‘climate for writing’ that Jan and Vera Michalski dreamed of as being central to the project.”

Floating Writer Studio 6 Floating Writer Studio 7

Blank Studio’s design includes a writer’s loft on the uppermost level to take advantage of the soaring views, and a lace-like stainless steel skin around indoor/outdoor spaces that collect and disperse the available daylight. The inside is lined with bleached birch wood and black-stained oak.