Ever since the classic fold-into-the-wall Murphy Beds came into play, designers have tried to find newer, better and more efficient ways to make the most of bedroom spaces through convertible and collapsible bed designs. The Bedup, however, might be the best such system yet.


Instead of folding out from the wall, the Bedup pulls down from the ceiling but still leaves room for objects underneath even when it is in use – something most convertible couch-beds and other transforming bed designs cannot manage.


When not in use, the Bedup can be set flush with a ceiling so as to visually disappear or can become a kind of hovering drop-ceiling, defining a space below it and even illuminating the rest of the room with built-in lighting.


Done right, the Bedup can even (arguably) add something decorative to a space – contributing color and spatial accents, contrasting or complimenting the rest of room’s layout.