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If steering your boat across crystal-clear waters in the Caribbean to purchase piping-hot New York pizza from the window of a tiny floating home isn’t living the good life, we’re not sure what is. The inside of this sailboat is part pizzeria, part compact abode for the owners, decked out with everything you’d expect in a pizza kitchen.

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Named ‘Pizza Pi,’ the floating pizzeria is based in a 37-foot G.L. Watson boat from England with a vintage engine and sails. Patrons can float up to the side of the boat to read the menu and then steer to the large front window to place their order. The restaurant also takes orders via radio and email.

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Sasha and Tara Bouis spent two years transforming the boat into what it is today, designing the layout, renovating and rebuilding it. It gets its power from two 130-watt solar panels, a generator and a battery bank. A cozy bed, desk and bathroom can also be found on board.

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Features include a DIY water maker that can produce up to 40 gallons per hour, a brick-lined oven with two baking chambers that can crank out four pizzas every 15 minutes, an industrial mixer and a mechanical dough scale.