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Ultimate urban luxury is the goal with these incredible suspended balcony pools. They are part of a conceptual apartment development for Mumbai, India designed by the James Law architecture firm. The pools appear to float out from each apartment’s balcony, suspended seemingly in mid-air thanks to their transparent sides.

Although the balcony pools are certainly the most striking element of this design, the additional features of the two apartment towers are impressive as well. The project is known as Aquaria Grande, probably because of its use of water as a central element. A common pool area gives residents a place to congregate while swimming. After pool time is over, a communal and sustainable podium garden provides another relaxing recreation area.

Each apartment unit – there will be over 200 in all – is designed to allow for three-way cross ventilation and plenty of natural sunlight. The buildings’ energy-efficient glass facades are meant to reduce energy consumption and increase the overall eco-friendliness of this impressive residential development.