What if the various elements of a kitchen were designed with just as much aesthetic consideration as any other pieces of furniture found in a well-appointed home? Most kitchens consist of one big fixed cabinet and countertop system, virtually indistinguishable from that in any other house, and not really capable of transforming if your needs and desires as a cook and homeowner change.

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float modern modular kitchen
float kitchen cabinet
float cabinet

Spanish studio MUT Design has a creative solution in the form of FLOAT, a collection of modular kitchen units that are not only fully mobile, but also just as pleasing to look at as modern furniture made for more personal living spaces. The series consists of five elements: a kitchen island with a basin, a cupboard, a glass cabinet, a room divider and a serving cart.

float kitchen detail
float serving cart

Materials like copper, marble and ash give the collection an upscale contemporary appearance, and thoughtful details like drawers and trays that provide access from either side of the kitchen island make it practical, as well. Each piece is handmade in Spain.

Say the designers, “FLOAT relinquishes all of the technological excesses and breaks with the rigidity prevailing in modern kitchens: every piece is a detached, mobile island which can be integrated in open spaces and no longer obliges us to stare at the wall while cooking. FLOAT is a kitchen imbued with sensitivity, but highly practical and functional. It’s rational but at the same time it possesses the beauty and sobriety of a unique artwork.”

float kitchen series

“We want the kitchen to be at the heart of our home and bring back the time when families gathered around the pots and the fire,” say the designers. “Each one of the five pieces composing Float (an island, a cupboard, a glass cabinet, a serving cart and a room divider) can be detached from the others and relocated. No rules apply. They can even work independently. Float is a kitchen imbued with sensitivity, but highly functional. It seeks durability and timelessness through high quality materials such as metal, copper, natural wood or marble. The kind of kitchen everyone loves where cooking is not an obligation anymore but something fun.”

The entire range of FLOAT kitchen objects is available for purchase in the EU at Domesticoshop.com.