butterfly knife disguised utensils

Carrying around your own silverware can lead to you being branded a weirdo, but not when your silverware is as cool as this set. The Butterfly Knife Cutlery from ThinkGeek is a fork and spoon set that’s designed to look like the classic (and dangerous) butterfly knife. With a quick flip-open design and a clasp to hold the pieces open or closed, the utensils are handy as well as incredibly good looking.

butterfly knife spoon

Like the butterfly knife, the butterfly utensils can be used to do some pretty cool tricks. The coolest trick of all, though, is getting to eat your meals like a boss. The stainless steel tools each have a bottle opener included in their design, making them efficient as well as awesome. Made from nearly half a pound of metal each, these bad boys could do some serious damage if you ever made the mistake of bringing a spoon to a knife fight.