Flip switches and dimmer sliders can get dirty, slow or break entirely – but these designs keep all of the moving parts inside, showing only a sleek metal exterior and futuristic LED highlights to illuminate them when the room is still dark.

But it gets better: just like our ever-more-interactive mobile phones, everything in these switches from Basalte is based on the length and type of touch applied to the surface, making them as versatile as a more complex-looking switch design.

A light touch simply turns a lamp or lighting fixture on or off. A long touch, however, can brighten or dim a given light; touching multiple quads in the more complex variants lets you adjust lighting in multiple areas at one time.

For typical home lighting the conventional options are adequate – but not quite as functional, clean or durable. Motion sensors are nice but lack reliable control. Flip switches work well but (like a restroom faucet handle) may be touched by many other people in the course of the day. Dimmer switches provide more control, but are the most fragile of the bunch. Really, why have touch-sensors not taken over yet?