fold pot
If you’ve ever grown a plant in a container, you’re familiar with the simple and inevitable fact that every plant will eventually outgrow its pot. Although plants are alive and continually changing, their containers have always been designed as stable, immobile vessels.
flexible pot grows with plant
The Fold Pot from industrial designer Emanuele Pizzolorusso is designed to grow with the plant it houses. It is made of a flexible silicon rubber material that bends and moves to accommodate growing plants.
folding plant pot
The pot starts out folded over to house a small seedling. Ordinarily, starting a plant out in a small pot would mean an eventual re-potting, but the Fold Pot can be a permanent home.
plant pot grows with plant

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As the root system deepens and the plant grows up, the pot’s folded edge flips up to create a much larger container. The Fold Pot would eliminate the fear that always comes with uprooting a plant and plopping it into a new vessel, then waiting to see whether it will take to its new home.