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LEDs have become increasingly versatile and flexible, but (at less than a millimeter thick!) these illuminated sheets have to be the ultimate in LED lighting innovation.

With LightForm, you can cut any length, shape and size you want from the display area within which red (or green or blue or white) LEDs are spread out evenly in two dimensions. Unlike rope lighting LEDs, you can cover a surface rather than just creating a line of light – from interior and exterior walls to furniture and mobile objects.

From covering cars to clothes, anything is possible and the flexibility means you can wrap around corners and curves easily whether on shirts or sport vehicles. As their website suggests, basically anything on your ride is fair game: wheel wells, audio equipment, steering wheels, seats, doors and wherever else you would like to highlight features (or create useful light to work or drive in). Linear strips are still possible but no longer a limiting factor with bulbs spaced along both an X and a Y axis.