cartonado desk lamp

Flat-pack furniture has become a full-fledged movement among those who simply can’t afford more robust designer pieces, but flat-pack appliances? This is a sector of the market which has yet to be fully explored.

The Cartonado cardboard lamp is shipped flat and you simply unfold it,  insert the light bulb and cord, and the hold the base pieces together with the included small pieces of cardboard.

cartonado in box

Obviously, the electrical parts of the lamp can’t be made flat, so the inclusion of a lamp kit is necessary. The Cartonado, designed by Fabio Afonso for Vicara, isn’t the first cardboard lamp that has been made by adventurous designers, but is is exceedingly adorable.

cartonado hanging lamps

At just 13.8 inches tall, the desktop version is perfect for studying. For those who wish to go a little (though not much) fancier, the Cartonado also comes in suspended lampshades in a variety of elegant shapes.