Flat pack (or knock down) usually refers to ready-to-assemble furniture that comes in pieces with some assembly required – setting this design object apart from the standard IKEA fare, as it does not require additional fasteners, bits, pieces, tools or time to put together.

This versatile folding desk, display counter or kitchen table by Robert Haslbeck comes ready-to-go right out of the box and folds into a flat, portfolio-style briefcase/suitcase with remarkable ease making it light, mobile and fast to convert from one from to the other. It is no accident that these presentation photographs show this set of flat-packed suitcase-tables folded open in front of a cargo shipping container (the ultimate symbol of modern modular design).

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Of course, designs like this save on shipping costs, fuel usage and so forth, making them leaner and greener overall. This piece takes flat pack to the next level by making it more than a one-time setup operation that results in a static and bulky end product – in turn, this adds essential portability for our ever-more-mobile society.