Many tea and coffee lovers have already discovered the joys of the electric kettle, which allows you to heat up water anywhere there’s a power outlet handy. The trouble with those is that they still tend to be too bulky to take along with you, and many have fragile glass carafes, to boot. But what if you could smash the kettle down to less than half its original size to pack into your luggage, take out on a hike, or stow away in the center console of your car?

The Voyager Kettle does all that and more. This highly portable kettle can go virtually anywhere you do, making it easy to boil water within minutes whether you’re at the office or out on a backcountry trail. While it’s not the first collapsible kettle made of food-grade silicone, it’s the first one that doesn’t require an accompanying hot plate or stove.

The Voyager features a 1000W heating element that can be powered by either a 110- or 220-volt current, which means you can use all sorts of different charging devices to power it up, including your car, without the need for an inverter.

The kettle’s coolest feature (other than its collapsibility, of course) is the fact that it will hold your water at the selected temperature for as long as 30 minutes. No more boiling a kettle of water, stepping away for a few minutes, and coming back to find that the water isn’t hot enough.

A digital screen displays the temperature inside the kettle, and you can either choose from 10 preset temperature options or set your own to get things brewing. True tea and coffee aficionados will love that feature, since different types of tea leaves and beans can require different brewing temperatures for optimal flavor. Just remember that the next time you use the kettle, it will automatically heat up to the temperature you last used unless you specify otherwise.

If there’s one caveat to the Voyager, it’s the fact that you still have to plug it into an outlet or charger. A truly portable electric kettle would actually be battery powered so you wouldn’t have to fuss with cords or power supplies while on the go. But perhaps making it self-contained would add too much bulk to the base and defeat the purpose.

The Voyager Kettle recently completed a successful round of crowdfunding on Kickstarter, raising over $43,000 to go into production. With any luck, it should be available to the public in the near future.

The kettle’s Kickstarter page reads: “My company, Nomad Joe, introduces Voyager Kettle to make your time away from home feel more like home. It is our mission to bring people worldwide a simple solution for making coffee or tea while traveling.”

“If you want to have your coffee just the way you like it, why not make it yourself, no matter where you are? People need a simple solution for making coffee or tea while traveling. Whether you’re a world voyager or you just want to make a decent cup of coffee in your office, dorm room, or Airbnb, you need a portable coffee-making option to help you get your fix.”