This eclectic line of side tables from designer Cédric Canaud use a variety of materials and finishes to make a big impact. The series, called À Partir du guéridon – or From Pedestal – incorporates interlocking panels to create easily assembled, easily movable pieces of decorative and functional furniture.

Each pedestal table consists of two panels made of raw pine sandwiched between two sheets of colorful paper. They have slots that let the two pieces fit together perfectly.

Once the column is assembled, a circular or rectangular surface made of cork or imitation granite. The surface sits atop the column to create a narrow table that’s perfect for plants or small decorative items.

The two-sided panels have a different color or design on each side, letting you customize the look of your table simply by turning it. The tabletops are interchangeable, adding another layer of customization.

” À PARTIR DU GUÉRIDON is a range of trolleys / racks extending the experiments of the collection «Jouer la matière», which  was launched in early 2014 with the project «La corbeille». These trolleys are made of panels/chassis  of raw pine wood, sandwiched between two sheets of colorful pasted paper, imitating wood, marble, glass or slate.”

“Easily assembled, the two panels fit one into the other to build a column. Continuing this method of installation, assembling two columns together builds a larger version, which looks more like an easy to move piece of furniture. Ideal in the living room, next to a chair, as a coffee table or as a side table for plants, these columns, whether as individuals or as numerous installations, provide an easily mountable landscape-removable, adjustable and interchangeable.”

“A plate will sit on top of the whole thing to provide a flat surface to support objects. These trays are available in two materials – cork and foam imitation granite – and in two versions, a circle 20cm in diameter used on the two options, single or double column and a rectangle 35x20cm for double columns. Each panel is double sided, so depending on the panels, the geometric panel changes color or the pattern produced changes depending on your will. The double face: “Turn your trolley and it will change color.”