Swiss Room Box camping kit for car

Since its first iterations over a century ago, the Swiss Army Knife has evolved into the household name and industry standard for compact multipurpose design in the realm of tools … now another firm from Switzerland has taken aim at doing the same thing for portable living. This innovative camping kit turns your car into a surprisingly comfortable place to sleep, cook and maybe even live, if you’re hardcore (or just plain hard up).

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Made to fit everything from minivans and station wagons to compact cars, the Swiss Room Box folds and unfolds to create every essential room of a house … all from four core modules requiring no special tools or outside parts to assemble or deploy.

For once, too, this is not just a conceptual fantasy – it is an engineered reality, ready for use as a portable dwelling for traveling urban couples or base camp for families heading into the forest for a rural retreat.

Swiss Room Box car camping kit

Flat-pack pieces slide into place to form tables and chairs as well as more complex shapes needed for sinks, structural support for warp-around shower curtains and sturdy longer platforms to support single sleepers or double beds.

It really is rather amazing just how far the contents of four basic boxes can go, but as any veteran camper knows: it is all about making everything you bring serve more than one purpose, from layered clothing to dual-function support structures.


More info from the manufacturer

“Revolution of the motorhome concept. An incredible fusion between the simplicity of a suitcase, the ingenuity of a Swiss Army knife and the essential of a camper-car functionalities, here is the new RoomBox® freeTech. Thanks to the ingenious folding concept of its intelligent modular system, the RoomBox® freeTech is the most compact of the range. You take it with you while traveling and, in 5 minutes, your car turns into a camper-car for sleeping, cooking and eating. The RoomBox® freeTech makes the camper-car accessible, with a low budget you can transform your car, minibus or hired car into a camper-car.”