bamboo b fan

Think a ceiling fan can never be attractive? Then you’ve never seen this one by Drii Design. Rather than being purely functional or overly gaudy, it’s a minimalist air-moving dream with an attractive silhouette.

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A lovely legible design that also saves space when shipping, this simple-looking ceiling fan is explicitly the sum of its parts, and that is the beauty of it.

bamboo ceiling fan

Like IKEA but with perhaps a bit more class, the components of the B-Fan by Drii Design are made to be assembled on-site by the end user, but require almost no instruction as it is clear how they piece together.

bamboo fan in motion

The four bamboo slats are themselves flat, but naturally tilted when slipped into the black metal circle that joins them to the central spinning element in the middle of it all, which, in turn, locks them into place where they overlap.

“Concept: The B-fan is a Ceiling fan which made by bamboo. The four bamboo sheets twisted by the inner and outer circular component. and the twisted curve is suit for the fan’s rotating. Moreover, the for bamboo sheets cross in the center just like a flower’s stamen.”

bamboo fan flat pack kit

Project specifications:

Type of Work: Ceiling Fan
Material: Bamboo . Metal . Electronic Component
Size: 70*40 cm

About Drii Design:

“Drii was original named tek-sia design studio (founded in 2009), setup by design director Camo Lin , and changed his studio into Drii design company in 2012. Through presentation of their masterpiece in countries such as Japan, France and Italy, Their work has been influenced by the cultural interchange between the East and the West. Drii design is working in their speciality field of lighting, as well as product, furniture, interior design, and based on craft material. From their design studio in Taiwan, Drii collaborates with some of the foremost Taiwanese and international craftsman, and presents the most gorgeous design craft product.”