These are ready to assemble ‘right out of the box’ or perhaps more specifically: directly from the box itself. Initially, they look like ordinary cardboard packing, shipping or storage boxes but these flat-pack objects hide impressive multifunctional furniture features.

There are many wonderful new green materials out there, but when it comes to simple sustainability cardboard is still king. With a little imagination, designer Janine Perkuhn envisions a whole series of environmentally-friendly mini-design project possibilities from a solitary box or set of combined boxes – everything from little DIY desks, dressers, bookcases to hybrid furniture products, stackable storage units and temporary-seating stools while you unpack and set up the rest of your new home’s interior.

Using the flexible-but-rigid properties of cardboard, this is as much an exercise in (yes, it has to be said) ‘out of the box thinking’ as it is a practical design project. Reusing boxes is a difficult task after a move, as unpacking each one leaves less and less space for the boxes themselves – but provides a great opportunity to at least create an intermediate interior design around these transit vessels, a way to give them a purpose before they are packed flat for future use.