Inventors and design visionaries alike were out in full force at last week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Shanghai. Booths displayed a variety of groundbreaking gadgets and tech, including robots, audio equipment, drones, and virtual reality experiences. Among the highlights were the products that took home the show’s prestigious innovation awards. Here are a few of our favorite winners.

The H-MEX, short for Hyundai Medical Exoskeleton, is a wearable robot that helps people with lower spinal cord injuries walk on their own. Its designers explain, “by utilizing a wireless clutch with on-board motion control system, the equipment gives paraplegics the ability to sit, stand, move, turn and even walk up or down stairs.” H-MEX automatically adjusts to an individual’s gait by tailoring itself to their average walking speed, the length of their strides, and the tilt of their torso via an internal smart device. The entire frame is lightweight and runs on a rechargeable battery.

Ecolife is a clever, unobtrusive product that provides an in-depth analysis of its user’s immediate air quality. This little unit is capable of detecting both in and outdoor pollution and monitors the air’s particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, temperature, and humidity. Eventually, the company aims to connect users by sharing air quality readings across several regions. We suspect people with medical issues and concerned parents will be especially eager to get their hands on Ecolife, and since it won the “Green Technologies” category at this year’s CES Asia, it’s also sure to make waves among the environmentally conscious.

The igloohome Smart Lock Deadbolt 02 is a home technology device that offers additional safety, peace of mind, and accessibility. This digital smart lock allows you to enter time-sensitive PINs or Bluetooth keys in place of physical ones. Plus, the device works offline, meaning you won’t need a constant Wi-Fi signal to feel secure. There’ll be no more fumbling for keys at the bottom of your backpack, and if you get locked out by mistake, it won’t be a big deal!

MEDELI Electronics’ Yodrum is an interactive drum instructor that will set you on the path to fulfilling your dreams of rock stardom. The device teaches using a screen mounted to an electronic drum kit, on which the user plays and attempts to master its daunting 300 levels. Yodrum combines the interactive nature of music lessons with the convenience of electronic drum pads, so you’ll be able to practice at any time of day. It’s a nifty tool for both beginners looking to pick up percussion and experienced players keen on honing their craft.

Your new favorite six-legged friend? Probably HEXA, the all-terrain hexapod robot that can walk, climb, traverse jagged terrain, sense, and see — even at night. HEXA’s mobility and 360-degree rotating head make it an agile addition to the smart technology market, and its talents take “smart” to the next level. The creators at Vincross explain: “It supports image, video, face, voice recognition, and machine learning algorithms that deliver the unique ability to intelligently adapt to almost any situation.” HEXA will even send images straight to your phone.