Ah, the years of college and young adulthood. It’s a magical time when responsibilities and ties are at a minimum. There are usually a few location changes involved – and moving house plus flimsy, inexpensive furniture (the usual furnishings for someone just starting out) usually results in things getting broken during every move. Worse yet is when you do splurge on a more expensive piece of furniture and a rogue roommate keeps it during a bad breakup.

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Our Paper Life is a series of cardboard furnishings that can be put together simply with no glue, no tools and no need for construction skills. Designed by Geoff Christou and Chris Porteous, the flat-pack furniture line is made of 95% post-consumer recycled content and generates no waste in the process of manufacturing, delivery or assembly.


The Our Paper Life line of products currently includes a shelf and a desk; each sells for $20 and ships flat-packed directly to the customer’s door. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that these pieces are the flimsy type of cardboard you built forts out of as a child. The shelves can hold up to 138 pounds and the desk can support up to 160 – no small feat for furniture essentially made of paper.


Although you can draw and write and put stickers all over this furniture without fear of ruining something expensive, it’s more resilient than you might expect. Each piece is treated with a waterproof coating that allows spills to be wiped right off.


Once the furniture reaches the end of its useful life (like when one of your friends falls into it in the middle of a party), it is fully recyclable at the curbside. Until that day, you can enjoy the affordable furniture knowing that if something does eventually happen to it, you won’t have to break the bank replacing it.