Some people chew their nails; others wring their hands or incessantly tap a pen against a hard surface. We all fidget from time to time, but for some people it can become a kind of social problem when it annoys others or distracts from the task at hand. The HUHU Pillow from cool enough studio can help give those idle hands something to do, like a softer version of a fidget spinner.

fidget pillow

The pillow features a large-weave cover that conceals another layer. The under-layer has small pieces of material that can be pulled out through the weave of the cover and pushed back in to your heart’s content.

fidget pillow detail

It might seem like a rather silly little accessory, but a tactile plaything like this can have real benefits for certain people. Folks who tend to become easily distracted – like those with ADHD – can find it much easier to concentrate when they have something in their hands to play with.

how fidget pillow works

In addition to helping people focus, the pillow can go a long way toward calming anxiety. Anxiety can cause some people to shake their legs or perform other repetitive motions to dispel nervous energy. Holding a comfy, calming pillow and fiddling with the small pieces of exposed fabric might not be a big change from those behaviors, but it can be a calming object that helps raise the comfort level in a strange situation.

“The starting point of designing ‘HUHU’ is for encouraging people to get emotional compensation by using the object. Many people have their unconscious / fidgeting behaviour including chewing nails, shaking legs so on. ‘HUHU’ try to help people to be relaxed by pulling out strings from the inner surface of the cushion to play with them. The end results of unconscious behaviour make ‘HUHU’ beautiful. The name & metaphor ‘HUHU’ comes from the moment of people deep breathing when they relax.

small_ w350x h350mm
middle_ w500x h500mm
large_w650x h650mm
50%cotton, 50% polyester
Hand made in Finland”