Any artist can create something out of his or her imagination – but not all can tweak reality to create something that is neither firmly fiction nor entirely truthful. Filip Dujardin is able to do just that with his architectural photography he calls “Fictions.”

Dujardin takes elements of truth and remixes them into photographs that are part reality, part fantasy. The buildings in his photographs are real, but their locations, orientations, sizes, or outward appearances may be figments of the artist’s imagination.

The artist takes actual photographs of buildings and manipulates them into seemingly possible (at first glance, anyway) scenes. But upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that these photos are anything but factual.

Parts of buildings are impossibly cantilevered; other buildings are ridiculously thin or completely devoid of windows. These small impossibilities may escape the casual glance but will be apparent as soon as one examines the images in a bit more depth.

Filip Dujardin photographs real, non-fantastical buildings as well – which may cause a momentary consternation in those familiar with his work. Are these seemingly impossible structures the work of brilliant architects or the work of a clever visual artist? Of course they are fictional, but Dujardin’s talented hand does cause a brief moment of hesitation.