Interior of modern feng shui house
The relaxing, contemplative qualities of water literally permeate this entire residence in Bangkok, Thailand, made primarily of natural and sustainable materials. The home is set on a large, C-shaped reflective pool that meets right up to the exterior walls so it feels as if the whole structure is floating on a tranquil lake or canal, continuing into an open-air courtyard that delineates public and private living spaces. To cross from the living room, kitchen and lounge areas to reach the bedrooms, you’ll have to cross right over the water on a wooden bridge.
Modern feng shui house with reflecting pools Modern indoor outdoor living
Juneskino Architect and Design made use of the principles of Feng Shui to create the layout. The clients wanted water to be a primary element in the design, so after determining which areas of the plot were ‘auspicious’ or ‘inauspicious,’ the architects strategically placed the living spaces in the spots with the best energy flow, and boosted the positive energy in the ‘inauspicious’ areas with the pools.
Feng Shui House by Juneskino Architects Feng Shui House courtyard overlooking the water Feng Shui House bridge over reflecting pool
Two bedrooms, each with their own private bathroom, are located within a separate, standalone structure in the rear of the property, with the water acting as a deliberately calming transitional space from the livelier, active energy of the common areas in the front volume. Natural light and access to nature are emphasized throughout, especially with lots of glass panels opening the inside to the shimmering water. Wooden terraces have the feel of docks, as if a boat could pull up at any moment.
Feng Shui House tranquil water views Feng Shui House made of stone and wood Modern Feng Shui House at dusk

“The ceiling is designed to be very thin like paper and designed to let natural light permeates during the day and disperse light to all areas,” say the architects. “At night artificial lights from lamps and lanterns are diffused to the exterior. The open space between the ceilings and walls will control lighting inside the room during day and night.”
Juneskino’s modern Feng Shui house replete with reflecting pools is truly one of a kind.