Feldman Architecture is known for creating scintillating structures that sit gracefully among their surroundings. Their interiors facilitate floods of natural light and help their clients feel truly connected to mother nature. The firm’s latest residential work was built for a couple who needed two spaces that spoke to their respective recreational pursuits.

On a forested site in the San Francisco Bay Area sit two quaint yet charming wooden builds called “The Mill Valley Cabins.” The owners collaborated and shared their visions with the firm to bring these two sustainable studios to life — one being an artist’s sanctuary, the other a yoga retreat surrounded by greenery to embrace the outdoors. Both spaces can also serve as guest houses if need be.

Seeing as Feldman specializes in respecting and resorting the natural environment, it seems like this pairing was the perfect fit. It was clear that the owners also aspired to fulfill this project while conserving resources.
“The clients for the Mill Valley Cabins wished to add some accessory structures to their existing hillside home,” the firm notes.

Walking along the home’s stone pathway, you’ll find that the two cabins seamlessly blend in with the surrounding redwood and pine trees. Situated on a steep hillside, the design team was able to minimize the project’s impact on the environment by separating the studios into their own structures.
“Dividing the programmatic needs into separate cabins allowed the two small structures to be placed lightly between existing trees with minimal re-grading of the site” they explain.

The artist’s cabin was intentionally positioned higher up, allowing for a view of never-ending forestry. In the distance, both the Muir Woods National Monument and the Pacific Coast can be spotted. The yoga studio is planted deep in the forest to make the people inside feel as if they’re standing on the soil itself.
Since the artist’s cabin looks on the 380-square-meter yoga studio, a garden covered with a multi-colored array of plants was strategically laid on the roof of the latter. This way, the roof could also blend into the hillside, allowing the artist above to be fully immersed in tranquil greenery. Coincidentally, the client is an avid gardener and can use this space to facilitate that passion, too.

Both abodes boast large windows and sliding glass doors. Sticking to the theme of nature, the roomy structures allow natural light to pour in with the help of skylights, strengthening the bond between the indoors and the outdoors.

Feldman Architecture was able to create a great design by sticking to interiors that scream simplicity. The cabins’ wooden floors and white walls enhance the clients’ lives by creating a tranquil atmosphere. Decor and finishes were kept to a bare minimum to extenuate their secluded and peaceful focus.