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More parts and pieces means more things that can break or otherwise go wrong over the long haul – a simpler solution is often possible, as in this case of this adjustable-height table that works with minimal moving elements to accommodate two levels of use.

Per its creator, Caroline Olsson, the coffee-or-dining Bambi table was “inspired by the anatomy of the knee, where the bones can only bend one way. The location and angle of the table legs, as well as the meeting points of the joints, help keeping the table upright and stable.”

“When the table is folded down and used at the lower level it can give you associations to a small foal who has bent its legs and laid down to rest in the meadow.” Made of simple birch and spray-painted steel, the heights come to 29 and 18 inches, depending on its configuration. Adorable concept, clean execution (no pun intended).