Fatboy beanbag

If one of your new year’s resolutions is to stress less and chillax more – but in style – check out the deliciously comfy beanbags by Fatboy. They are sturdy and sustainable beanbags designed to withstand all sorts of weather and are making their way around the world for lounging in utilitarian style at outdoor movie events, beaches, side walk cafes, poolside, art shows and – of course – private homes.

Fatboy dark grey

Fatboy beanbag

There’s the original oversized Fatboy, who was launched in 2002 as a seat that will adapt to the shape of your body for utmost comfort. It’s made of a sturdy nylon filled with EPS (expanded polystyrene, a lightweight geofoam). As to its generous dimensions, it measures 180 x 140 cm (circa 5.9 x 4.6 feet) and weighs 6.8 kg (circa 15 pounds). It’s available in 20 colors, from vivid red and orange to muted sand and taupe. If polyester feels too artificial, you can also get it in a 100% super-soft, stonewashed cotton. And then there’s our favorite, the sturdy Buggle-Up, large enough to offer snuggle space for you and a buddy and able to withstand dirt, water, UV rays – ideal for the outdoors.

Fatboy beanbags

Fatboy is based in the Netherlands, though the Fatboy beanbag was thought up by a Finnish designer, Jukka Setälä. The Fatboy collection also includes a really cool two-person hammock along with other products like tables and lamps. More info at www.fatboy.com