It’s just human nature to be more invested in things when we can take an active part in creating them. You’re far less apt to give away something you spent hours creating than something you grabbed at a cheap price point from a big box store, for example. It’s not just the time you put into the project, but your creative touch that gives it extra value. So it’s no surprise that modular furniture systems that let us be the designers of our own couches, armchairs and sectionals are growing more popular.
Stylish and interactive, this particular kit-of-parts couch, chair and stool system looks like large, heavy pieces of solid furniture at first glance. Once you know what to look for, though, each interchangeable modular object becomes visually legible on a whole new level.

Deconstructing the Modi system of transforming furniture from Moredesign, one finds it is not as simple as it first appears. The black base is a straightforward framework in which one can ‘plug’ various white cushion elements to create various kinds and configurations of useful seating. Want your sofa to have a back and two arms, like a conventional design? You can do that, or create configurations that are more like chaise lounges with a single arm and a long back surface. The limitations are up to your imagination.

Stood side by side, these convertible furniture elements can stretch to make full-length, L-shaped or other wrap-around modular  couch and guest-bed sets. Pulled apart, the padded-but-rigid corner, back and armrest-hight elements enable one to create ottomans and individual chairs.

But the proof, to paraphrase, is in the final product: at the end of the day, the results look like fine furniture creations that could have come from a fashionable European designer rather than the do-it-yourself resident who gets to put them together.