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Suspend your disbelief for a moment and imagine an entirely edible ensemble: slip on some avocado shoes, sling a blueberry bag over your shoulder (or broccoli if you are feeling health-conscious), arm yourself with a pasta bracelet, slide some cheese around your neck; perhaps pop on a stylish veggie-based cap, and maybe show a little of your lettuce lingerie with low-cut skirt or shorts if you are feeling saucy (but do not forget to put on dressing!).

Forget fruit baskets or floral arrangements – these handbags, hats, headphones, necklaces, bracelets and shoes look like far more delicious organic gifts. Warning: some of these tasteful shots may make your mouth water. And for dessert? Chocolate earrings of course (white or dark with some trendy patterns swirled on top just like the ones you buy at fancy shop).

Fulvio Bonavia created this photo series for a book, naturally titled ‘A Matter of Taste’, in which he explores the relationship of graphic design, art and illustration (all of which predate his work as a professional photographer).

While he has done portraiture, candid and landscape photography, his interest and intensely gripping successes seem to revolve around overlaps of nature and design, the colorfully organic and the consciously constructed woven together in ingenious ways. Too bad these arrangements/accessories are not actually for sale, but then again they would be tough to keep the veggies and fruit fresh, pasta pliable and cheese from growing mold.