An aging farmhouse in Ghent, Belgium has been given an oddly appealing extension that is straight out of the retro-future. The ship-like copper-clad extension was designed by Belgian studio Atelier Vens Vanbelle. It houses a bedroom, bathroom, covered porch, and balcony.



The add-on is a retro-futuristic chamber that looks a bit like a parasitic spaceship attached to the existing home. Its metal skin and monument-like support leg are not exactly historic. Rather, they come from an imagined past that we all share, but which never really happened.



The architects wanted to build an addition that added to the existing structure both literally and figuratively without detracting from the home or its surroundings. It linksĀ the traditional farmhouse with an ultra-modern glass addition built in the 1990s by bridging the two disparate styles with an entirely different one.



Porthole windows bring abundant natural light into the large bedroom and all-white bathroom. The bathroom wall is curved and the bathtub fits snugly into that curve, contributing to the room’s overall feeling of being the “cockpit” of the spaceship-like addition.