Never let someone tell you that there is a fine line between art and design, or even a modestly-sized gray area – particularly when the artists, architects and/or designers of the Dutch firm EventArchitectuur are around to explore the colorful and creative interplay of installation art, architectural construction and creative interior design.

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While their work does not always revolve around book shelving and casework, this is a common theme in their pieces – from elaborate wooden wall bookcases for homes, offices and libraries to entire staggered-shelf storefronts and structural interior walls designed to double as storage spaces.


The theme they seem to explore throughout all of these experiments concerns permeability and flexibility of structure and space – they expand the flat notion of the wall into a three-dimensional, interactive and functional space that is more than merely a passive surface.

Though repeated visual rhythms and structural techniques are visible throughout their constructions, each temporary and permanent installation builds upon lessons learned from the last and has a distinctive, site-specific uniqueness that defines it within their body of work.


“EventArchitectuur is an architectural design studio that tries not to define its style. It aims deliberately to make the outcome of projects a result of the interaction of different participants in the design process. The studio recognizes the dependence on the know-how of so many experts (clients, designers, advisors and builders) and tries to include these within the design team. It tries to do this by starting from scratch with every new assignment. Things that are new for the studio. With every new assignment it looks for the right organization and realization form. Being connected with different design disciplines makes it easy for EventArchitecture to form the appropriate team. You could say that EventArchitectuur is an empty shell to be filled with the necessary knowledge to make the right product or project. The name serves as a focus point for clients and participants alike.”

“The way EventArchitectuur communicates is not through style or a personal handwriting from a master designer or design team but by the definition of space. It defines space as a three dimensional organization of light, sound and movement. Architecture in this definition becomes the temporarily stopping of certain processes (matter) to organize other processes (time). Designing then is to make this moment/snapshot of space that can last 5 minutes but also 15 years depending on the assignment.”