floating morphosis house design

It has to be said: this incredible New Orleans home design from Morphosis is making waves in the architectural community. In case of flooding, this home does not simply drift off – rather, it rises up on the water but remains tethered to vertical guides that keep it from floating away, essentially the ultimate in luxury battery-powered life rafts.

floating house design idea

Yet another project sponsored by Bran Pitt and his Make It Right Foundation, this home is designed to be modern, stylish and sustainable but also to remain modest, functional and contextual. In short: this house design is creative, innovative and its anti-flood flotation capabilities are all wonderful but it also compliments the historic residential aesthetic of the area.

floating new orleans house

While it has not yet been (and hopefully will never need to be) in actual live flooding conditions, in such an emergency the structure would essentially break free of its footings as well as gas pipes, power lines, and other ties to the ground surface and city grid – carrying enough power for a few days and a safely elevated enclosure while its residents await rescue.