colorful wood grain tile

A lot of building materials are cheap or durable lookalikes, leading to that disappointing realization you are not walking on a real granite or hardwood floor. These tiles, by contrast, make no attempt to fool anyone, and celebrate their role as visual analogs.

colorful tile applications

colorful tile

Made of porcelain and inspired by artist Andy Warhol, these tile come in lime green, pastel pink and other bright and distinct colors no one could possibly mistake for wood, despite the grain patterns imprinted upon them.

colorful stairs floors walls

Available fromĀ 14 Ora Italiana, these tiles are made for floors but are also fit for other applications, including walls, backsplashes and staircases where they can serve as accent materials and colors against plainer surroundings.

colorful black white brown

And for those not so sure about the hot color schemes, there are black and white ones too. As for those who are fine with a bit of fakery, well, they do off wood-colored ones too.