star wars at-at inspired table lamp

Generally fan art comes in the form of drawings, sculptures, digital renderings and the like – a little less often it takes the form of furniture objects like this light that pays tribute to the classic AT-AT Walker from the original Star Wars movies.

star wars lamp

It looks a bit like a long-legged wooden side table at first, but a drawer slides out to reveal the hidden ‘head’ of the walking vehicle. In turn, the resulting composition appears a lot like the mechanical legs and body of the AT-AT strider. The fact that it’s a table and a lamp in one, with a functional drawer, just makes it that much cooler.

Star Wars lamp and table in one

Of course, you would not need to know the pop-cultural reference to see that this design by LifeGoods is neat regardless of context- though having the sci-fi savvy to recognize the robotic body implied in the form might help a bit when trying to explain this work at a dinner party (or geek film festival).

That’s the beauty of this piece. While a lot of furniture and home decor inspired by pop culture can feel kitschy, overly literal and cheap, LifeGoods’ version of an AT-AT in table form feels refined, elegant and truly useful. It could fit right in to all sorts of homes, whether or not any other Star Wars references are present.

“We are fascinated by wood and its codes,” say the designers, who were recognized for the piece at the [D3] Awards in Cologne.

“We pick up antique details of cabinetwork and give the object a look which is totally contemporary due to its dimensions. We explore the limits of the wooden piece by expanding its legs and by creating a drawer that functions as a light dimmer. The lamp is like a science fiction object but characterized by the warmth and the preciousness of woodwork.”